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Will the Company
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Cecily’s Journey

Plymouth and

The Spanish

Babies Arrive
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Brutal Martial Law

Nothing to Eat

Hope: the First General Assembly

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Departing England

Sometimes you might hear that the Jamestown colonists were misguided in their fear of the Spanish. Not so! The Spanish took the matter to their Council of War and were watching the little settlement very carefully. Captured Spanish spies took the matter to the next level.

Then came the day that Sir Thomas Dale learned a fleet of caravels—Spanish warships—were in the bay. This is a true story…

quoteMinutes later, the leaders emerged looking flustered and even frightened. To see fear on Governor Dale’s face—he, always so stoic—made me know that we may have fought our last battle.

Through the din of clanking and rattling armor, shouted commands, and boots pounding dust, I saw that the men were preparing to load our three remaining ships: the Star, the Prosperous, and the Bermuda-made Deliverance. Nine Spanish ships to our three. I was not a soldier, but I could count.

Two men pushed the north gate of the palisado shut, dropping its bolt. I realized it was the closest entry for Tempie if she were still at the well.
Dale was urging his men to get munitions onboard. “Faster, faster!” he cried. The soldiers were scrambling at full speed.



I needed to know more. I had learned well from Maggie. An ally on the inside was the only way to survive.

Never be at the mercy of forces, Maggie’s voice seemed to urge me. Get your own news from someone who knows, and then make you a wise decision. Yes, Maggie, yes. But it was not always so simple!

Now I knew all I needed to know. Dale intended to fight to the death.

The blacksmith Dobbs was going house to house, telling the women and children to get inside their homes and stay. When he came to me, I did not race back inside.
Fire ships against the Spanish
“Why are they loading the ships?”

He gave me an impatient look, but I attempted to block his way though I was much smaller than he was. I hammered words at him before he could interrupt. “A woman has not returned from the well, and I need to know what is happening!” My voice was part demand, part plea, and my eyes rapidly filled with frustrated, frightened tears. I was so tired of being, as Maggie said,
at the mercy of forces over which I had no control.

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