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Remembering Cecily's Journey

July 2011 in Plymouth, Devon, England

My husband and children had never seen Plymouth, Devon, the last port of call before the settlers left England for the New World. Plymouth Hoe
In July 2011, exactly four hundred years and two months after my 12th great grandmother Cecily had set sail for Virginia, we made the reverse trek. We had come from Virginia to Plymouth.
The day was rainy, but we made the pilgrimage again. What sort of weather did Cecily, Lady Gates, and her two daughters set sail for the New World? Both my visits to Plymouth Hoe had been rainy.

Mayflower House - now an ice cream shopInside Mayflower House looking out into the street


I discovered once more that, outside of a single plaque dedicated to the Sea Venture, the Virginia settlers really Kerry and Adam eating ice cream at Mayflower House in Plymouth Englandaren’t remembered at Plymouth. The Mayflower and pilgrims are everywhere. We stopped at the Mayflower House (which might just as well have been called the Sea Venture House) where legend has it the Pilgrims ate their last meal before departure. I think it’s pretty likely that at least some of the departing Jamestown settlers ate here as well. It’s now an ice cream shop, so my husband, kids, and I went in for ice cream. How odd to be standing in the same old building where 17th century travelers bought refreshment before beginning their journey. I stood in line, holding an ice cream cone, watching my tired kids eat theirs, and thought that oCecily's 13th Great Grandchildrenur coming journey back to America was certainly so much safer, quicker, and easier than what these folks had endured. So many settlers died by the way, mothers even gave birth to children on board


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