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New Jamestown Home

Open skyEarly September 2005, the view of Jamestown Island, Virginia, from the Jamestown Ferry. Joan landed in Jamestown on August 15, 1609, so the time of year is very close. As the ferry approaches Jamestown, I imagine how thrilling it must be for Joan to see her new home after ten weeks at sea...

January 1999, at Historic Jamestowne

My husband Chris and I were regular visitors to Jamestown both benew homefore and after the exciting discovery of the fort. These pictureswere taken during the fifth year of excavations. Up until1994, when Dr. Kelso began with a shovel and a bucket, everyone believed that the Jamestown fort site had been washedinto the James River.

Dr. Kelson with Chris


September 2005,
Imagining the church at Jamestown in 1609.

When I sit in the reconstructeJamestown Churchd church at Jamestown Settlement, I can almost hear the voices of Temperance Flowerdieu Yeardley, Joan Peirce, and Maggie Deale.

How many different ways can you look at Jamestown? Chris and I took a plane ride over the fort to see it from that view.

birds eye view of JamestownJamestown from the Sky




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