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Joan's English Home

June 2004, in the English West Country

It was exciting to realize that I was Joan's english home
entering the seaside town of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Joan’s hometown!

In my imagination, the Tudor House in Weymouth became Joan’s home...the one she would have to give up to come to the New World in 1609.

Tudor house sign
Some experts feel that the house on the facing page was originally two homes.


quote marksSaying goodbye to my actual home was harder. Joan's english home

I wondered if Will were home yet from conducting the business necessary for us to depart. I let the brass knocker fall several times, listening for his key to unlock the door from the inside.

I stepped over to the front window and peered in. No Will that I could see, which was just as well. I needed this time alone to ponder it all. I reached in my waist pocket and pulled out the iron key. Its head was a Celtic cross as large as my palm. What kind of key would I have at James Town? Were there even doors at James Town? Doors. Of course, there were doors. Now I was letting my fears get the better of me. There would have to be doors to keep out the—

There I went again. Wild animals. Savages. Thieves.img

From Dark Enough to see the Stars in a Jamestown Sky
by Connie Lapallo © 2006
, 2008




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