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  Charm Bookmarks

spacer charmsMany of you have asked about the story behind the lovely charm bookmarks which are sometimes available with my books at signings. These were created especially for Dark Enough to See the Stars Under a Jamestown Sky by the talented Pamela Wright of Pamela Wright Collections in Houston.

The Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution selected my book as the theme of its Jamestown Night during its 108th Annual Conference, inviting me to be keynote speaker. Pamela, a member of the Lady Washington Chapter of the TSDAR, offered to design a piece of jewelry especially for the book and the evening.

The result is a scallop shell with stars and the words “Under the Jamestown Stars, 1607-2007.” Those who have read the book understand the significance of the scallop to the story, the symbol of pilgrimage and a family heirloom that Joan always wore around her neck.

My own well-worn and
well-loved scallop charm...
  My well worn charm

I was touched for many reasons. While writing the book, I carried a small scallop charm with me just as Joan did—my symbol that all life is a pilgrimage and each of us has a unique journey. Mine, I felt, was to complete this book—a tribute to the women and children of Jamestown’s early years.

Pamela understood the significance of the scallop to Joan, but she had no idea that I myself had a scallop charm. We both felt moved by this sense of something greater at work, as has been the case so many times with this book.

To see more of Pamela's lovely creations, click here to go to her website

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