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Joan's Life in England

The Tudor House, Melcombe-Regis, Dorset, England.
One of the only standing homes from that time period in Joan’s hometown. Here you can see interior shots of the house that I used as a model of Joan’s home. (Photography wasn’t allowed inside.)

Weymouth Civic Society Tudor House

Renaissance: The Elizabethan World.

The Elizabethan Gardens on the Outer Banks
. Here you can see a knot garden like the one Joan remembered in her mother’s garden.

Joan's life on ship

Diagrams of the Mayflower are useful, since the design of the Jamestown ships was similar.

Mayflower Diagrams

Mayflower Diagrams

Jamestown Settlement, in Jamestown, Virginia, has three recreated ships. Interpreters portraying 17th century mariners will give you a tour ships’ interiors.

Jamestown Ships

Wreck of the Sea Venture

Bermuda Online
– more about the founding of Bermuda  

George Somers

“Relic of Tempest,” Life, March 23, 1959, p. 79 to 82, includes photos of the rediscovered Sea Venture taken not long after its 1958 discovery

Relic of Tempest

The Deliverance -
reproduction ship in Bermuda.

The Deliverance Reproduction

The discovery of the 1619 wreck of the Warwick. The Warwick, similar to the Sea Venture, was also lost in a hurricane at sea. The Warwick belonged to Sir Robert Rich, the Earl of Warwick.

The Discovery of the 1619 Wreck of the Warwick

Joan's life in Jamestown

Summary of the three Charters granted to the Virginia Company and what each granted.

Jamestown Charters

The first Virginia Charter (1606) in its entirety

The second Virginia Charter (1609) in its entirety

The third Virginia Charter (1611) in its entirety

1606-First Charter of Va; April 10

1609-Second Charter of Va; May 23

1611-Third Charter of Va; March 12

Overview of Jamestown history

History of Jamestown- APVA

Some of the first-hand accounts of Jamestown. You may choose either original or modern spelling.

Virtual Jamestown-First Hand Accounts

Learn more about Jamestown

Virtual Jamestown

Search the 1624/1625 muster records. (Remember to try multiple variants of name spellings.)

Virtual Jamestown-Muster

Jamestown Fort: 3-D Interactive  

Virtual Jamestown - 3-D Fort

A look at some of the artifacts found at the Jamestown dig site.

Preservation Virginia

Website of Virginia Tribes

Virginia Council on Indians

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Tribe
(Courtland, Southampton County)

Chickahominy Indian Tribe
(Charles City, Virginia)

Chickahominy Indians Eastern Division
(New Kent County)

Mattaponi Reservation
(Banks of the Mattaponi, King William County)

Monacan Nation
(Amherst County, Virginia)

Nansemond Indian Tribal Association
(Cities of Suffolk and Chesapeake)

Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia
(Capron, Southampton County)

Pamunkey Tribe
(Banks of the Pamunkey River, King William County)

Patawomeck Indians of Virginia
(Stafford County)

Rappahannock Tribe
(Indian Neck, King and Queen County)

Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe
(King William County)

Wicocomico Indian Nation

 Native American Tribes and Culture

Tribes in Virginia
– an overview of Native American tribes in Virginia

Tribes in Virgina

Powhatan Tribes

Powhatan Tribal History

Powhatan dictionary
– although the language is mostly extinct, the Wicocomico Indian nation has compiled some of the known words.      

Wicocomico Indian Nation

Powhatan Tribe History

Powhatan History


Pocahontas – brief biographies

Virtual Jamestown - Pocahontas

Preservation Virginia

St. George’s, Gravesend—the church where Pocahontas was buried.

Gravesend-St. George's Church

The First Africans in Virginia - 1619

“New Light on the ’20. and Odd Negroes’ Arriving in Virginia, August 1619,” Engel Sluiter, The William and Mary Quarterly, April 1997, p. 395-398.

Google Books

Visiting 17th Century Virginia Plantations

Historic Jamestowne (1607)
Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Site and the Archaearium Musem)

Jamestown Settlement (1607)
Visit the recreated fort, Indian town, the three ships, and the museum.

Jamestown Settlement 1607

Henricus (1611),
The recreated 17th century town with costumed interpreters.

Chesterfield Tourism - Henricus

Bermuda Hundred (1613)
Bermuda Hundred

Shirley Plantation (1613)
Originally Lord De La Warr’s plantation.

Shirley Plantation

Westover Plantation
This tract of land was originally part of Thomas West, Lord De La Warr’s tract. The manor house if from the 18th century. Usually, only the grounds are open to the public

Westover Plantation

Flowerdew Plantation
George Yeardley’s Plantation. No longer open to the public.

Flowerdew Hundred Plantation

Berkeley Plantation (1619)
Berkeley Plantation
Falling Creek Ironworks (1619)

Falling Creek Ironworks

Bacon’s Castle (1665)
Bacon’s Castle dates from a slightly later period of the 17th century and is famous for its unique Jacobean cross architecture and its history during Bacon’s Rebellion

Bacon's Castle









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